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Do you need to find printable Bridal Shower invites?

This free bridal invitation folds to make beautiful invitations.

This romantic picture of wedding rings speaks volumes! Classy and stylish - the invitations are a stunning way to invite your guests 

Fold the invitation carefully to make a card. Taking your time over this will give better results. 

Printable  Bridal Invitation

This beautiful image of wedding rings taken by photographer Petr Kratochvil, makes a romantic and stylish invite.

Free Bridal Invitation - wedding rings

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Rings Invite 

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Printable Free Bridal Shower Invitation.

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Printable Bridal Shower Invites - wedding rings

Would you like a wedding invitation to match your bridal shower invites? You can print your own wedding invitations to match!

Taking a little time over choosing your printable bridal shower invites will make you feel a lot happier over the finished result! It often helps to print out several invites before choosing - they can look a lot different on paper.

Try to use your invites to give your guests a clue as to the type of shower you are holding. Is it a formal occasion? Or a relaxed family get-together? The type of invite you send will set expectations.

Guest will also appreciate knowing when and where a shower is to be held - and don't forget to include a gift list if appropriate.

Write out your invitations carefully. You don't want to misspell the name of a guest, or give the wrong time or date. Work through your list slowly and carefully - and print out a few extra invitations just in case!

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Bridal Invitation


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